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We have created technology. You set them in motion. Never stop with Huber.
The distribution of resources united European quality and Asian production technologies into a single ecosystem for creating a quality product.

The Huber brand was founded in 2011. Just then we realized that we want to create a product that will be of impeccable quality, and at the same time remain affordable for our customers.
This thought prompted us to create a completely new brand of Huber bicycles. And due to the Swiss landscape, we work every day to ensure that our bikes are passable, reliable and bring as much riding pleasure as possible. This allows you to overcome elevations, tracks and routes of any complexity.

The company's office is located in Switzerland, Geneva, and the production and quality control department acts on a permanent basis in Taiwan.
the Huber brand
Oneride Frame Technology
Oneride technology distributes stress off the head tube with additional flex.

In order to reduce stress on the head tube, we use Oneride's patented technology. The extra flex in the head tube area helps to distribute pressure optimally in aggressive trail conditions, thus protecting head tube seams and increasing frame life.
Flycross Saddle
Saddle with moderate stiffness and sporty shape, developed with Flycross technology.

An even more comfortable fit with Flycross technology. Our technologists have designed a saddle with moderate stiffness and a special shape. Due to this, it does not squeeze the arteries in the legs and oxygenated blood is better supplied to the muscles of the legs, as a result, you get less tired and can better focus on the trip.
Colorhight Frame Colour
We want to maximize your enjoyment of riding your newly purchased bike. And so, we apply paint from a spray gun in three layers, which gives the paint particles a positive electrical charge. After that, we place the parts in a special temperature regime. The technology is called Colorhight. With it, the frame is protected from premature destruction of the metal, and retains its original appearance for whole years.
Tektro Hydraulic Brakes
Tektro 160mm rotor hydraulic disc brakes evenly distribute the load during braking.

The quality of the brakes is considered one of the main safety criteria for the bicycle operation. That is why we do not save money on the brake system. All of our bikes are equipped with a Tektro hydraulic brake system for more precise and high-quality work under heavy loads. Huber is ready for some serious challenges.
Attachable equipment by Shimano
The switching system is fully assembled on components by Shimano. Smooth and accurate switching, as well as clear control over the gear - what you will feel from the first seconds of your trip. And the reliability of this system will allow you not to worry about the serviceability of its operation for many years due to the Japanese quality.
Design by Huber Group
The design was developed by the European design bureau Huber Group in Geneva, Switzerland.
Huber Cross 2.0
A special edition that combines off-road capability with urban versatility.

The bike will soon be available to order from official Huber dealers.

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